Monday, June 28, 2010

Parliamentary Speech/Debate on the 10th Malaysia Plan on Friday, June 25, 2010

YB Datuk Wilfred M. Bumburing


TUARAN MP, Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred M. Bumburing said the 10th Malaysia Plan (TMP) is an ambitious plan which perhaps is based on the economic capability of the country over the next five years. He also said that the extra ordinary economic increase of 10% is driven by public spending. He further said that he is disappointed because the TMP has nothing in it to show that the issue of illegal immigrants in the State of Sabah will be positively addressed. Among others Bumburing said:

“I am disappointed because the Tenth Malaysia Plan has nothing concrete to show that the issue of illegal immigrants in Sabah will be addressed positively. This issue has raised in for the umpteenth times by Members of Parliament from Sabah however the lackadaisical answer given by the federal government and their continued silence on the issue have aroused suspicion among Sabahan as though the federal government may have a hidden plan or program on the issue of illigel immigrants. This issue has a direct bearing on the poverty eradication program in Sabah where the State now has the second highest poverty incidents in the federation. They enjoy the same benefits as the bona fide citizens in terms of health cares services, educations and security. I would like to ask the Home Minister if the issue of illegal immigrants are included in the Minitry’s KPI as the ministry priority? In my previous speech, I have asked the Ministry of Home Minister to explain the statement by the Sabah National registration Department that says that no Malaysia IC or MyKad have been issued to illegal immigrants. The Minister have also said that no MyKad or Malaysia IC have been issued to illegal immigrants and the Minister have asked me to furnish him with the details proof. I am in the process of collecting those details and I want a guarantee from the Minister that once I submit the proof that concrete action will be taken immediately. I also urge the Home Minister to refer to the Integrity Committee which was formed in 2006 and headed by Tan Sri Bernard Dompok. This committee have conducted meetings in Kota Kinabalu and have collected testimonies from various individuals. However, when the committee tried to hold a meeting in Kuala Lumpur, both the National Registration Department and Immigration Department refused to attend the meeting causing Tan Sri Dompok to resign on principle. I believe the committee have all the relevant information that the Home Minsiter need in order for him to take concrete action on the issue of Illegal immigrants.”

On the issue of Poverty Eradication, Bumburing said:

“The NEM (New Economic Policy} is reported to have successfully reduced the poverty level from 50% in 1970 to 2.3% today. In Sabah, the Household Reprt 2004 is quoted to have reported that the poverty rate have plunged from 114,200 household to 21,000 in 2009. It is targeted that by 2015, the poverty rate will be reduce to 2% making Malaysia the most successful nation in the world on poverty eradication. However, I beg to differ because in my area, Tuaran District, the incident of poor families is still substantial. In the e-Kasih report dated April 28, 2010 the number of hardcore poor in Tuaran is 626 and poor family is 1,020. I wish to inform this august house that I have carried out a survey using a sampling methodology in my area in 2009. This survey was done comprehensively by visiting every household involved which was done covering 45 villages. We have discovered that 42% of household are in the hardcore poor category while 20% are relatively poor. The 62% poverty rate in Tuaran is even higher than the national poverty level in Malaysia before NEM. I also would to emphasize here that there exist co-relation between inflation and poverty. The Tuaran survey have shown that consumer goods and public transportation cost in the villages have increased by 39% as a result of the price in fuel. As a result, the poor become poorer and those who fell under the relative category have become hardcore poor. I also want to state here that as a result of “sticky prices,” the price of essential goods didn’t decrease even though the price of fuel have gone down. 63% of those surveyed said that the cost of living have drastically increased in 2008. I strongly believe that this reality in Tuaran may also be true for the other rural areas in Sabah and Sarawak.”

On Infrastructure, Datuk Bumburing Said:

“The TMP, themed “Rancangan Kemakmuran Ekonomi dan Keadilan Sosial” in general give special emphasis on development for the people that have been sidelinedand at the same time to focus on making Malaysia and economic giant. For Sabah, the emphasis on providing piped water to 98% of the population is something that is really needed. The same goes in providing electricity supply to every household and road network stretching 2,540 kilometers. Special assistance will be provided to etnik minorities in Sabah specifically the Bisayah, Orang Sungei, Rungus, Tidong dan Suluk. Why is the Kadazandusun etnik group not listed as those that have been sidelined where as all along this community has also lagged behind in all aspect? The government must practice an open, transparent and fair policy in all aspect such as in the civil service, business opportunities and others. The leaders may have been introducing good policies but to date there are many incidents where the implementing officers have practice certain degree of discrimination. In order for 1Malaysia to truly succeed, I urge the Prime Minister to introduce a monitoring mechanism at all level to avoid any form of discrimination. This is important because for as long as there exist ethnic groups who felt they are marginalized or sidelined or discriminated against, the objective of 1Malaysia will not be achieved.

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