Thursday, July 8, 2010

Native Courts Should Be Presided By KDM

“The upgrading of the Native Courts and appoint of Advocates in the Native courts is a positive development and a milestone for the development of the native laws especially Kadazandudusn and Muruts whose native laws and adats form the basis of the institutionalization of the native laws and adats. Along this lines, I call on the relevant Ministry to appoint District Chiefs and Native Chiefs from among the Kadazandusun and Murut community as many cases if not all that are being brought up in the Native Courts involve only the Kadazandusun and Murut community. Disputes with regards to the appointments of Districts Chief, Native Chief and Village Chief (Ketua Kampung) can only be resolved by leaders from the same community. Justice would only be seen to have been carried out fairly when judgments passed by the Native Courts are presided by people of the same community”

BN Leaders Must Help To Fulfill Election Promises

By Datuk Wilfred M Bumburing
There are many promises of development projects made by the BN elected representative during the 12th general election, not just by Members of Parliament (MP) but also including those in the respective State Legislative Assembly that have yet to be fulfilled. Those promises were made in full acknowledgement of the top BN leadership. Many of these yet to be fulfilled promises are now coming back to haunt several elected BN YBs as the people are now asking what happen to it. I therefore call upon the Federal Government, especially the various Ministries concerned to provide immediate assistance to these respective YBs, especially those from the minor or smaller BN component member by providing immediate allocation to carry out development project that was promised during the last general election. Those promises were made with the understanding that the Federal Government would assist in fulfilling them, and I am glad that this project is finally going to be implemented as I know that the people who resides along this stretch of road have been clamoring for it to be implemented and even accused us of giving empty promises and the opposition are quick to capitalized on this issue for their own gain. However, there many more projects that have been promised which we will list down and give to the relevant ministry, and not just in my constituency but in other constituency where the elected MPs or State Assembly Member is from the smaller BN component party. This developments project that was promised during the last general election must be fulfilled before calling for the next general election to be held. Sabah as a BN’s ‘fixed deposit’ must generate profitable ‘interest’ to be enjoyed by the rakyat for it to be truly a genuine ‘fixed deposit’ otherwise, Sabahans might just as well ‘withdraw’ this fixed deposit to be ‘invested’ elsewhere. We can continue to have this ‘fixed deposit’ for as long as every BN elected representatives fulfilled their election promises.
Meanwhile, personally I would like to thank the government for finally approving the upgrading of the dirt road from Kapa to Bundu Tohuri, a distance of 12.25 kilometer in my area which was one of the many promises made during the 12th general election. I understand that site inspection for this road project will be carried out on July 5 for the potential contractors, and tenders will be called for after that. I appeal to the people who live along this road to be patient and to provide every support needed when the road project will commence as they may involve substantial earthwork to be carried out in areas where the hill slopes are steep