Sunday, November 6, 2011

RCI now, else?


I and the entire UPKO members and leaders at all level fully support the intention of our President to meet the Prime Minister over the issue of setting up the RCI in order to get to the bottom of this perennial problem (illegal immigrants and Project ICs) which is directly or indirectly affecting the social structure of the people of Sabah especially genuine Sabahans. We also support any action OR decisions that will be taken by Tan Sri Bernard Dompok in the name of UPKO should the Prime Minister and the Federal Government fail to take any positive and constructive measures in the setting up of RCI as demanded and requested by UPKO.

We are now fed up with various statement and claims made by the Federal Governments including those made by various head of Federal Government Departments out rightly denying the existence of illegal immigrants who have obtained Mykads through dubious means. This issues have been brought up so many times in parliaments and a memorandum to that effect have been submitted to the Home Ministry. Several books have been authored and printed and in circulation providing ample proof on the existence of MyKads issued to dubious citizens. These “Mykads” holders are even found in our electoral rolls.”

I totally agree with our President that it would be pointless for us to be part of the Federal Cabinet and being part of the Government in place if the main core struggle of our party, being a member of the ruling government, is not even given any due consideration, let alone take any action plan to address this issue. How would we be able to face the electorates in the next general election if their grievances are not addressed positively?

We, as representative of the people and the voice of the people have been asked by the Prime Minister to turun padang and to feel the people’s pulse (nadi rakyat). Indeed, we are feeling the people’s pulse alright; and it is now beating at the rate faster than we can imagine. The call for the setting up of RCI on this matter is now being brought up by other Barisan Nasional components party as well, not to mention that this issue has been and is the battle cry of the opposition political parties.

I therefore urge the Prime Minister to respond positively to this call now before we are taught a political lesson by the electorate in the next general election.