Thursday, September 2, 2010

One BN party can't simply accept a member from another BN party

By Datuk Wilfred M. Bumburing.

“I welcome the initiative to be taken by Chief Minister YAB Datuk Musa Aman in deciding to consult other leaders among the BN component party members with regards to the decision taken by YB Datuk Peter Pang in quitting LDP. I believe the State BN Chairman will handled this issue with great wisdom.

However, the statement by the Prime Minister that Peter Pang may join GERAKAN is indeed raising some eyebrows, as though the PM knows what’s going to happen next long before any Sabah BN leaders knew anything, especially the next move that may be taken by Peter Pang himself. On this issue, I am therefore asking the Barisan Nasional leadership if they have introduce a new policy OR want to introduce a new policy of accepting or encouraging members or leaders of a BN component party to switch membership to other BN component party members freely and randomly. This calls for a serious discussion before this should be accepted as a policy because this will prompt an avalanche of party members crossing over to another party at will. Any move or decision taken by the BN leaders must not jeopardize the BN spirit of camaraderie.

“UPKO itself is already faced with similar problem especially in my constituency where a fellow BN component party is intimidating our party members especially community leaders who are holding the post of Ketua Kampung, and Chairman of JKKK to ditch UPKO and join their party or else their post as Ketua Kampung or JKKK Chairman will be replace by those who are their members.

“Personally, I respect the decision taken by Datuk Peter Pang and as his personal friend I wish him all the best; however, I sincerely hope that his departure and especially his next move will not in any way undermined the stability enjoyed by BN components party members and being a friendly BN representative that he respect the stand taken by the other BN party leaders.”

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